The Competitive Program is designed to serve the needs of highly competitive soccer players with advanced skills. Select teams are chosen through tryouts in August. The program is year-long running from August through May and is subdivided into Fall and Spring Seasons. The Competitive teams play a greater number of matches and typically travel one or two weekends per month. The distance of travel is usually based on each specific team’s competitive level. Movement between rosters can occur based on individual player’s level/speed of learning but teams are selected with the full soccer year in mind (August-May) and each team is assigned a coach for that time period.

Tryout FAQ's

  • Fields are located at Richard Siegel Soccer Parks
  • All player check-ins will start 15 minutes prior to tryout time kick-off.
  • Player must be pre-registered to attend to tryouts.
  • It is encouraged for players to attend all 3 sessions for them to be evaluated by multiple coaches for appropriate placement.
  • Returning and new players that will not be able attend to tryouts but would like to be considered, must contact Matt Manning (8U-11U) mmanning@KingsHammer.com or Alan Oates (12U-19U) Alan@KingsHammer.com
  • Players should wear appropriate soccer attire (cleats, socks, shorts) and wear shin guards. 
  • Player must bring size 4 ball and more than 32 oz of water/Powerade to each session.
  • A numbered tryout shirt will be provided to each player for them to wear to each session.
  • No jewelry or watches will be allowed for safety reasons.


Join us!
We will be hosting an ECNL Boys informational zoom meeting on Sunday, May 15th @ 8:30pm.
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4799266491

How many ECNL teams are there, and how does it alter the current academy landscape?

ECNL as a league is going to provide a high-level club vs club platform for our top two teams from 13 (2010) – 19 (2004/2005). The top teams (ECNL) will play in the Ohio Valley division of the ECNL, our second teams (ECRL) will play in the Ohio Valley Regional League. A press release formally announcing the ECRL will be forthcoming this week, and more information about specific details surrounding opponents, scheduling & events will be discussed on Sunday. Along with ECNL & ECRL, there will be Pre-ECNL for the South Academy 11s & 12s. This will be more regionally based than the full ECNL and will provide league play along with crossover events for our youngest academy players. ECNL & ECRL will provide the most competitive platform for our 13 and above players, along with ECNL programming Academy South & North will continue to provide USYS (State League, Great Lakes Conference, Buckeye etc) leagues and programs.

Where should my son tryout?

If your son currently plays within Academy 2010 and above, we would suggest signing up for and attending ECNL tryouts. If your son doesn’t make an ECNL or ECRL team he can still then attend Academy North or South tryouts.

What is the scope of travel for ECNL & ECRL?

More information surrounding divisional opponents and scheduling will be discussed on Sunday. As a rough guide ECNL travel will stretch across the Midwest, with ECNL National Events potentially stretching to the East Coast and Southern regions (Similar to current GLC travel). ECRL will be a little more centralized with a few crossover weekends further (Similar to current KPL travel).

What are the National Events and why are they important?

For all ECNL groups it provides an opportunity to match up against ECNL teams from other divisions at a centralized location. For our recruitable age groups it provides the opportunity to maximize college exposure to be seen by over 200+ scouts (AVG @ each event inclusive of NCAA, US Soccer, and MLS/USL Scouts). 13s & 14s will attend 1 or 2 events. 15s will do 2 events, generally 1 in late fall, and one in spring. 16s & 17s will do 3 events, 1 in the late fall with 2 taking place in the winter/spring. While the 19s will do 2 events 1 in the late fall, and another in the winter.

Will ECNL teams still do other Showcases, State CUP/Presidents CUP?

ECNL and ECRL teams will still do other college showcases & tournaments through the season outside of the ECNL events. While they will not do State Cup anymore, both groups will compete for the chance to go to National Playoffs and Finals in June/July. Academy South & North will continue to play within USYS leagues, and compete for State Cup & Presidents Cup.

For more general information on ECNL Boys please have a look at the below ECNL presentation.

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